ANTI-SCHOOL – but still a student

ANTI-SCHOOL – but still a student

furious Silva

Alright guys, there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me – e.g. that i am a princess in a wonderland aka fantasy/neverland.. naaaah i wish.

No, i’m totally normal. Except for this: I do school from home. Yup. I tried the whole, school/class/get up early. but it didn’t work for me. I really don’t wanna waste my time with analyzing a poem for 3 hours like “what do you think he meant by black curtains?” – umm. MAYBE HE JUST LIKED BLACK CURTAINS! …… i totally get that there are hidden meanings, and subconscious things going on in peoples writings and art, but shouldn’t it be individual/personal what we get out of it?. why destroy a perfectly good piece of art, by over-analyzing it?!!!

Anyway, that was not my point with this post 😛

I’m studying from home, and i like it.. except for when i make a mistake, and realize i am late with this months “homework” (yes, they still check up on me, even if i don’t go to school” .. so i have been stressing (therefor the picture of me, in my frustrations)!

if i believed in diagnosis i would probably fit very well in to the category of ADHD (and manio-depression). I have gone to way too many schools: boarding school for art, music school, high school.. I have worked in sales/service in between for several years. And i have been manio-depressive since i was 17! These days it is only a small roller-coaster. I’m not staring into the wall for days (as i used to).. I think my life has been a big protest against society. It’s hard finding a role to play, which is also inspiring. You know? And i don’t do 9-5! Basically i’m Dolly Parton… Without the boobs and talent…

Anyway.. you can learn more about me the following weeks. I hope you enjoy following my life so far.

P.S. i am actually very happy with my life at the moment!


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