Haaaaave you met P. Diddy?

Haaaaave you met P. Diddy?


This is my pug: P. Diddy, aka Puff Daddy aka Sausage (don’t tell him that)
He is my soulmate. He watches over me. Sleeps by my side, and has been me through the whole dramatic relationship of me and Mr. Man.
Actually Mr. Man is Puff’s dad..
A little background story: I have wanted a pug since I was a young dramatic teenager. I always connected with dogs (and still do). Me and Mr. Man had moved in together in October, after having dated for 1 month (yes, too fast… but that’s another story for another time) Anyway.. We both had Christmas vacation for 2 weeks. I went on an online shop, where you can buy old furniture, rocks, tickets and DOGS!

And I found Puff – the black pug… He was the last in the pack. 12 weeks old. NOBODY WANTED THIS SQUISHY FACE! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???????

We went to see him, he was living in a semi-ghetto place. I was in love.. Mr. Man was not.
We told the lady we would come back tomorrow to get Puff.

In the car back, Mr. Man said he wanted to see other dogs… I told him “either we take the black pug, or we are never gonna get a dog! I’m NOT gonna get any other dog. I’ve always wanted a pug! I think you should sleep at your moms place you idiot.”

I fought so hard… Mr. Mans mom insisted that we got a Cavalier Spaniel… And Mr. Man is like Trey in SATC – still moms little baby boy, who listens to EVERYTHING mom says. If you could marry your mom, he would do it. MY GOD!!!

But in the end I got my pug! He was the happiest, healthiest sweet little boy. And the most hyper pug I’ve ever met! Probably from all the crack he and his gangster friends have taken. hahahaha

Mr. man came to love him too.

It’s the best spontaneous decision I’ve ever made – but i really do not recommend anyone to buy a dog like that! It’s a great responsibility, and you need to think it through!
If it hadn’t been for my moms help and support, Puff might not have still been with me. But he is! And his 3th birthday is in September. so thanks Mama Silva

Who is P. Diddy, the pug, in his own words?

You’re all a bunch of fuckin’ assholes
You know why?
You don’t have the guts to be what you wanna be
You need people like me
You need people like me so you can point your fuckin’ fingers
And say “That’s the bad guy”
So say good night to the bad guy
Go on
Last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again
To be or not to be




Silva Rip

HI GUYS!!! It’s me… Silva… The friendly ghost of your worst mediocre nightmares

Just kidding.

I fell into the trap, that 80% (I made that number up) of all bloggers fall into after 5 posts (i made that number up too.. but i might hypothetically be right)
I forgot to blog! for a half goddamn year!

I think it mainly stems from my lack of time, in regards to drawing and coloring my doodle life on illustrator

So I found a solution.. I will only post in black and white; It’s old school, modern and fast.
My lazy bum loves it.

What was I up to the last year you ask?
Well, my dear friends, I spend 3 months in LA, I broke up with Mr. Man 5 times, and I… uummm… didn’t die.

I also found out that I am super scared of outer space, and alien invasion.
So now I’m basically a conspiracy theorist… haha…. no joke

What am I doing now?
I’m going back to High School, to finish my last subjects… but i will be doing it online, so i can make up all the high school drama myself. I am also looking for a job.
I hate to sell and stand up all day and work in retail, but thats what I’m good at.. so I’ll be doing that.
I wish i could just be a singing miracle, or a great artist, og marry rich.

Life is hard

How are you guys doing? (you are probably all dead by now, and I’m the last doodle girl int he whole world)




Okay, my new years eve was super cozy. 25 is a good age to be a grown up. i can’t help it. i drank a lot of champagne, white wine and rose (the red wine i bought and thought was sophisticated and a bit fruity was actually super sweet and gross.. disgusting)

anyway. me and my man ate a 4 course dinner, watched Monty Pyton and took a nap. at 11pm we forced ourselves to go to our friends party. i met good friends talked and played Simpsons on my iphone while he danced with all the ladies.

it was a fine night. and you know why? because i had NO expectations.. so even though it wasn’t amazing, it was still pretty great

anyway – the picture is of me trying to consume a giant hangover-burger. all princesses look like maniacs the day after a big night.. right?

WHAT TO DO: if your man is flirting with a minor YouTube-sensation

WHAT TO DO: if your man is flirting with a minor YouTube-sensation


This is Sandy. A girl Mr. Man has been flirting with. I caught him in the act (besides being a doodle girl i am also a super hacker.. at least when it comes to men) and he wrote her a week ago, asking how she was doing… and then it turned into flirt and “you should break up with you man” and “you are very hot” and shit..

They used to bang a little, when Mr. Man was only an insecure boy, before i made him into a man.
I’m not really the jealous type – (look at me, i’m fabulous!) But when the ex is a minor YouTube-star, and pretty cute, i’ll be turning into Sherlock Doodles.
i tracked her down everywhere and found out she got a boob job, she is friends with people i know, and she has her own youtube channel. AND she is SUPER BORING. You know, very stereotypical, cute and simple. As my friends would call her: a Smurf.

I told Mr. Man to cut the crap! he behaved like a good boy, and sponsored me with 30$ so i could join “Color Run” (i’ll tell you more about that another time).

Mr. Man stopped flirting, but kept the contact. his excuse is “i consider her a friend” OH REALLY! because you were SO close before you wrote her? ha ha ha ha (sarcasm)

Anyway the above picture is how i imagine Sandy doing her make-up tutorials. with balls in her mouth. i feel a lot better now.