Silva Rip

HI GUYS!!! It’s me… Silva… The friendly ghost of your worst mediocre nightmares

Just kidding.

I fell into the trap, that 80% (I made that number up) of all bloggers fall into after 5 posts (i made that number up too.. but i might hypothetically be right)
I forgot to blog! for a half goddamn year!

I think it mainly stems from my lack of time, in regards to drawing and coloring my doodle life on illustrator

So I found a solution.. I will only post in black and white; It’s old school, modern and fast.
My lazy bum loves it.

What was I up to the last year you ask?
Well, my dear friends, I spend 3 months in LA, I broke up with Mr. Man 5 times, and I… uummm… didn’t die.

I also found out that I am super scared of outer space, and alien invasion.
So now I’m basically a conspiracy theorist… haha…. no joke

What am I doing now?
I’m going back to High School, to finish my last subjects… but i will be doing it online, so i can make up all the high school drama myself. I am also looking for a job.
I hate to sell and stand up all day and work in retail, but thats what I’m good at.. so I’ll be doing that.
I wish i could just be a singing miracle, or a great artist, og marry rich.

Life is hard

How are you guys doing? (you are probably all dead by now, and I’m the last doodle girl int he whole world)

Introducing: Mr. Man

Introducing: Mr. Man


This is Mr. Man. he is close to my heart. Right now he travels around South Africa, while studying to become an alternative therapist. Afterwards he might want to settle down (PLEASE GOD MAKE HIM SETTLE DOWN) and become a Pilot. He used to have a dream AND talent to become a professional football player, but took some wrong decisions early in life. But he will always be the best on the field (even with his little cute chubby tummy that i might be the cause off because i love to cook for him). He has very hairy legs, and speaks both Norwegian, Swedish and Danish, as he is a Scandinavian mix-match.

He has a taste for burgers, Chelsea, traveling and flirting with women, which has been a cause of many frustrated outburst from me (which you will hear about soon). But he promises that he loves me.. and i’m cool with that.

A year ago me and Mr. Man lived in Johannesburg and Cape Town for over 7 months. what an adventure!

Mr. Man is also very unstable and he doesn’t like to think about the future AT ALL. he lives in the now… It’s hard to handle, when me myself and I want to have a house and kids soon. Anyway

I have never gotten flowers from Mr. Man, but he has often bought me a house plant (as shown above) – it is just as cute, and they last longer. (if it wasn’t because i am a notorious plant killer)

ANTI-SCHOOL – but still a student

ANTI-SCHOOL – but still a student

furious Silva

Alright guys, there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me – e.g. that i am a princess in a wonderland aka fantasy/neverland.. naaaah i wish.

No, i’m totally normal. Except for this: I do school from home. Yup. I tried the whole, school/class/get up early. but it didn’t work for me. I really don’t wanna waste my time with analyzing a poem for 3 hours like “what do you think he meant by black curtains?” – umm. MAYBE HE JUST LIKED BLACK CURTAINS! …… i totally get that there are hidden meanings, and subconscious things going on in peoples writings and art, but shouldn’t it be individual/personal what we get out of it?. why destroy a perfectly good piece of art, by over-analyzing it?!!!

Anyway, that was not my point with this post 😛

I’m studying from home, and i like it.. except for when i make a mistake, and realize i am late with this months “homework” (yes, they still check up on me, even if i don’t go to school” .. so i have been stressing (therefor the picture of me, in my frustrations)!

if i believed in diagnosis i would probably fit very well in to the category of ADHD (and manio-depression). I have gone to way too many schools: boarding school for art, music school, high school.. I have worked in sales/service in between for several years. And i have been manio-depressive since i was 17! These days it is only a small roller-coaster. I’m not staring into the wall for days (as i used to).. I think my life has been a big protest against society. It’s hard finding a role to play, which is also inspiring. You know? And i don’t do 9-5! Basically i’m Dolly Parton… Without the boobs and talent…

Anyway.. you can learn more about me the following weeks. I hope you enjoy following my life so far.

P.S. i am actually very happy with my life at the moment!

who’s that girl?

who’s that girl?


Hi Guys!

This is me, i’m Silva, but you can call me giiiiiiiiirl. just kidding. I’m in my 20’s and inspired by my alter-ego – a real girl, but undisclosed.. So all you’ll see here, is based on true events. didn’t it just get more exciting and scary? (like in the movies)

i’m creative, unserious and easily gets stressed. I am from Scandinavia, so please excuse my spelling and punctuation – we have different gramma rules here, and we like to put a comma at random places and add random words together. its the potato language.

I’ve been drawing since forever, but just a few days ago i started using illustrator, so i’ll have fun with that – and thats why the drawings are so simple and weird. but hey, as long as i’m cute 😉

I’ll try and update about my illustarted life at least once a year, or less. or maybe you’re lucky and i’ll post a new update in a few days. he he he he

See ya around guys